MAX developed the world first battery operated rebar tying tool “MAX REBAR TIER RB260” for Japanese market in 1993. The international subsidiaries stated selling RB262 in Europe, the United States and Asia in 1995. MAX has improved the quality and functions by uniting our accumulated technology and field practices since then. In 2009, MAX introduced totally brand new 4th generation REBAR TIER RB397 with a new 3Ah Lithium ion battery and a high durable DC brushless twisting motor. Also R&D department has had a highly strict standard of the durability so that RB397 can continuously work under the severe working environment. In 2018 Max has launched 8th generation REBAR-TIER series called RB441T “TWIN-TIER”. It is completely new mechanism mounted that Max is the one who is capable to provide and it gives you “new experience of rebar tying job” you haven’t tried before.

Every generation of MAX rebar tying tools bring greater efficiency and productivity to job sites around the world. The RB441T is the latest innovation in the history of MAX rebar tying tools and the efficiency continues to increase.


1993 RB260, launches the world's first battery operated rebar tying tool in Japan.

1995 RB262 released in European market.

2005 RB395 released with durability upgrades and a more compact tool body for easier operation.

2009 RB397 released with a new 3.0Ah Lithium ion battery that tied approx. 2,000 ties per charge.

2015 RB398/RB518/RB218 released with a new 4.0 Ah Lithium ion battery that tied approx. 2,600 ties per charge.

2018 RB441T released as the 1st model of the TwinTier. RB441T has a tighter tie, faster speed, increased wire capacity and a greater number of ties per charge of 4,000 ties.