What’s Powerlite?

MAX CO.,LTD is the world’s first manufacturer of high pressure (up to 34 bar) pneumatic nail gun and compressor called “Powerlite” series which has introduced to the Japan market in 1994.

Why is Powerlite series the smart choice?

1. Compact and lighter body

MAX Powerlite series is 30% lighter weight and 40% smaller body compare with conventional regular pressure (8 bar) nail guns as higher pressure brings higher driving power which does not require larger body. Here is MAX Powerlite nail gun called HN90F that can drive up to 90mm ring nails but weight is just 2.6 kg. With original heat-treated annealed nail called “FAP” nail series, it can even penetrate to steel plate up to 3.2mm. Due to compact and light weight, it is ergonomically well-balanced that nail gun even stays straight if you hold it with one finger.

2. Compact and light air compressor with ability to be used anywhere

MAX Powerite compressor can create high compressed air up to 34 bar with 2 cylinders. MAX Powerlite compressor is just 16.2 kg but air contained in a tank is equivalent with 292.4L of air. The larger model is still 23.3 kg with 731 L of air which is easily able to operate 130mm nails without any problem.

Thanks to high compressed air, air compressor could get compact and light which means it provides you a capability to bring them even to the roof.

3. Powder and gas are not needed but just air

Powerlite nail guns perform various applications. The benefit of MAX Powerlite series is not only compact and light weight but driving power. MAX Powerlite nail gun called “HN120” the most powerful Powerlite nail gun in our range, with just 3.0kg performs up to 240J and is able to penetrate to steel (up to 10.0mm) and concrete (up to hardness 60N) without any powder nor gas.
Require more compact? We do have Powerlite nail gun called “HN25C”, with just 2.0kg and is able to penetrate to steel (up to 5.0mm) and concrete (up to hardness 60N) without any powder nor gas. It has slimmer contact arm which is able to reach narrow corners that perfectly works for metal tracking applications.
High compressed air gives you a capability and various product range to do all your works you like to do.